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Playground to work in the snapper module before it gets upstreamed
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(openSUSE) Vagrant Salt Playground

This Vagrantfile starts 1 master and three minions.

  • The master/minions are deployed with salt (meta-salt?) using the /vagrant/salt recipes

  • Everything in /vagrant/salt (/vagrant/vagrant/salt inside the VMs) is used only for the initial deployment.

  • Everything in /srv/salt (/vagrant/srv/salt, symlinked to /srv/salt) can be used to play with modules and states.


vagrant up

This will start one master and 3 minions. The base image is opensuse/openSUSE-42.1-x86_64. The salt packages are not the ones in Leap but the ones the SUSE maintains in systemsmanagement:salstack which may be a bit newer than Leap.

Once the base box is booted, the salt recipes in vagrant/salt will bootstrap the master, expose its IP via SLP, and configure the minions to point to this IP. The states in vagrant/salt are only using for the initial bootstrapping.

The master will be configured with file_root point to /vagrant/srv/salt which is the folder srv/salt outside of the VM. That is the folder where you can put states for the minions.


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