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A script to help us update MDN Browser Compat Data
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MDN Browser Compat Data - tool for mapping browser data

Currently in progress and hardcoded for Samsung Internet use

A script to hopefully make it easier to update MDN browser-compat-data.

It uses a defined source browser and version mapping, to update the supported version data for another browser, where that data is currently missing.

It updates the JSON files directly. It takes a path which contains Browser Compat Data JSON files, so you could apply it to the whole repo, or a subpath.



npm install
node map-browser-data [path]


node map-browser-data .
node map-browser-data ../bcd/javascript/

To debug, set the DEBUG environment variable with the namespace 'map-browser-data':

DEBUG=map-browser-data node map-browser-data.js [path]
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