🐍 mecab-python. you can find original version here:http://taku910.github.io/mecab/
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This python wrapper for mecab works on both python3.x and python2.x.

Installation and Usage

pip install mecab-python3

You must have mecab and swig installed before running setup.py. For instance, on Debian-based Linux,

sudo apt-get install mecab mecab-ipadic-utf8 libmecab-dev swig
  1. How to use?

    see 'test.py' as a sample program.

  2. Simple example

import MeCab
mecab = MeCab.Tagger ("-Ochasen")


MeCab is copyrighted free software by Taku Kudo taku@chasen.org and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, and is released under any of the GPL (see the file GPL), the LGPL (see the file LGPL), or the BSD License (see the file BSD).