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Modern ORM for MongoDB based on immutable data structure and promises.
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blini is a modern ORM for MongoDB based on immutable data structure and promises.

Blini is currently in alpha. API may changed, don't use it for production applications.


import { Schema, Type, Model, Connection } from 'blini'
const connection = new Connection('mongodb://localhost/test')

const postSchema = new Schema({
    title: Type.String(),
    views: Type.Set(Type.String)

class Post extends Model(postSchema, connection, 'Cat') {
    get summary() {
        return `Post ${this.title},  ${this.likes.size} readers`

    addView(ip) {
        const { views } = this;
        return this.merge({
            views: views.add(ip)

const post = new Post({ title: 'My Super blog post' })

    .then(function(savedPost) {


First of all, this library is a Work-In-Progress and Proof-Of-Concept.

Before creating Blini, I've used a lot Mongoose for production applications, Blini borrowed a few concepts from it (Checkout the full list of differences).

But it differs on a few core principles:

  1. Immutable data: By using Immutable.js, the Blini is built in a stateless fashion using immutable data structures, which leads to much easier to reason about code, and a much easier time working with data sets.

  2. Simplicity: Blini tries to reduce the number of concepts and provide a unified API (it doesn't support callback, etc).

  3. Composition: Instead of relying on a custom plugins logic to handle extensibility, it uses ES6 classes inheritances and compositions to extend models behavior.

  4. Intuitive Data Structure: By using Immutable.js iterable data structure (List, Map and Set), it makes easier to manipulate document.


If you're using Blini for the first time, check out the Getting Started guides and the Core Concepts to familiarize yourself with Blini's architecture and mental models. Once you've gotten familiar with those, you'll probably want to check out the full API Reference.


All contributions are super welcome!

Blini is Apache-licensed.

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