Amazon Instant Video Addon for Kodi Media Center
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Amazon Instant Video Addon for Kodi Media Center

This Addon supports DE/JP/UK/US Amazon accounts, and since version 0.5.0 all the countries where Amazon's PrimeVideo is available in.


  • access and edit Amazons Watchlist and Video Library (currently not available for primevideo)
  • export Movies, TV Shows to Kodi Library
  • loads Covers and Fanart from TMDB/TVDB

Setup instructions

  • download my Repo and add it to Kodi via Addon Browser > Install from ZIP
  • install Amazon VOD Addon from Sandmann79's Repository
  • at Settings > General you have to choose one of the following Playback Method:


The selected Browser is used as playback for the chosen Video. If the Browser is not installed at default location, you can choose another destination.
You can start the Browser in Kiosk mode (without title-/navigation bar) and with an separated profile saved in addon data folder.
Furthermore its possible, after a given time, to switch in Fullscreen mode and/or enter the PIN for age restricted videos.
For this function are the following external tools needed: [Win] userinput.exe (Source), [Linux] xdotool, [Mac] cliclick. The Windows tool is already included and the other ones are available at their respective package manager.
You have to sign in a second time directly at the browser.


The chosen Script or Command Line will be executed.
Like in Browser, you can automatically switch to Fullscreen and enter PIN for age restricted videos.
It is also possible to detect the video framerate and send it via Parameter {f} to the script. The {u} Parameter contains the Video URL.
The following script examples using the tools DisplayChanger and xrandr to switch the framerate.
Use Displaychanger to change refresh rate and start Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode to view the video. Displaychanger can do this in one command line, there is no need for a script file.
Addon Settings:
Script: (path to Displaychanger)\dc64.exe
Parameter: -refresh={f} "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -k "{u}"
This script uses xrandr to change the refresh rate, starts Chrome in Kiosk mode and set the refresh rate back to 60hz.
Addon Settings:
Script: (path to script)\
Parameter: {f} "{u}"

/usr/bin/xrandr -r $1
/usr/bin/google-chrome --kiosk $2
/usr/bin/xrandr -r 60


Uses Amazon Prime Video App for playback.
If you own an Amazon FireTV/-Stick, you have to install the Amazon Video Wrapper


Uses the Inputstream Interface, which is available since Kodi 17 for playback with internal Kodi Player.
Here you can configure an age verification regardless from Amazon's one. To disable it, clear the fields.
The DRM Check is designed for Kodi 17 or Android. If enabled you can choose a fallback Method. They will be used, if the video isn't playable with internal player.
Due changes at Amazons DRM encryption, using Inputstream makes only sense with Kodi 18 alpha builds and up, because the most streams won't play in Kodi 17.
To encrypt the videos you need to place the Widevine Library at Kodis HOME/cdm folder and enable the Inputstream Adaptive Addon in Addon Browser > VideoPlayer Inputstream.

Because of integration of the Inpustream Helper script, it's not necessary to manually place/install the Widevine Library anymore.

Instructions for manual installation of Widevine Library:

  1. Windows:
  • download and install Kodi 18 x86/64
  • download Google Chrome portable use the same arch as Kodi (x86/x64) and install it
  • copy widevine.dll from (Chrome Portable install path)\App\Chrome-bin(Chrome Version)\WidevineCdm_platform_specific(win_x86/win_x64) to %appdata%\Kodi\cdm (create folder, if not exist)
  1. Linux
  • install Kodi as described here, use the nightly ppa
  • install kodi-inputstream-adaptive from package manager
  • download Google Chrome
  • open google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb with some archive manager
  • extract ./opt/google/chrome/ to ~/.kodi/cdm (create folder, if not exist)
  1. LibreELEC Please use the guides provided by Millhouse at
  1. OSMC Please use the guides provided by gcm at
  1. Android needs no Widevine Library - it's already included in the firmware