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Lightweight Bitcoin payment processor written in easily deployable Python. Self custody donations and payments on-chain & Lightning network, directly connected to your own Bitcoin node! No middleman/custodian.


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SatSale is a lightweight Bitcoin payment processor with the option of connecting to your own Bitcoin node or Lightning network node.

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Satsale can be used as a

  1. Donation page and button for your website that you can easily embed/link to anywhere.
  2. Bitcoin payment gateway, including a Woocommerce plugin that easily turns any Wordpress site into a Bitcoin accepting store.
  3. Versatile API and payments platform for both on-chain and lightning payments (supporting both clightning and lnd).

Compared to other Bitcoin payment processors, SatSale is lightweight, easy to install and self-host. SatSale is also a great building block for python lightning applications.

SatSale makes donation buttons simple - an easy copy and paste of the one line HTML iframe into your site.

SatSale can talk to your own Bitcoin node, and verify payments with your own copy of the blockchain. Payments go directly into your wallet with no third party.


  • Connect SatSale to your node, or you can rely on someone else's with just your extended public key.
  • Supports both clightning and lnd, or you can just use on-chain!
  • Direct peer-to-peer payments without any middleman. No KYC, and greater privacy than donation systems where Bitcoin addresses are reused multiple times.
  • Lightning Address support (e.g.
  • Lightweight and highly extendable, with basic html and css styling and a modular Python backend. Take a look at the code or!
  • Reusable and extendable API.
  • No shitcoins. Bitcoin only.


Clone and install dependencies

git clone
cd SatSale/
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

You should run a Bitcoin node, but if you don't or just want to try SatSale, you can simply use the xpub payment method (your extended public key is usually found in your Bitcoin wallet info).

No Bitcoin Node (xpub)

Edit the config.toml and replace payment_methods = ["bitcoind"] with:

payment_methods = ["xpub"]

then edit the xpub configuration:

xpub = "xpub..."
bip = "BIP84"

Currently supported derivations with xpub payment method are BIP44 (legacy), BIP84 (native segwit) and BIP86 (taproot).

You should strongly consider running a node and using it to verify payments rather than trusting block explorers..

When starting SatSale for this first time you must check the address matches one in your wallet to confirm you have used the expected address bip and derivation path.

Connect to your Bitcoin Node (recommended)

Edit the config.toml configuration and point to your Bitcoin node:

host = ""
username = "bitcoinrpc"
password = "rpcpassword"
rpcport = "8332"
wallet = ""

(You can find these in ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf).

When connecting to a remote node, you will need to connect to the SSH tunnel_host for to a node like "pi@IP", ensuring you have SSH keys in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and ufw allow 8332 the appropriate ports to connect to your node. Or alternatively, see tor hidden service.

If you have a lightning node (lnd or clightning) and want to use lightning network payments, see Lightning instructions. More example configs.

Run SatSale

Run SatSale with

gunicorn -w 1 -b satsale:app

That's it! You should now be able to view your SatSale server at http://YOUR_SERVER_IP:8000/. If running locally, this will be

If running on a Raspberry Pi, you will want to forward port 8000 in your router settings so that SatSale is also visible at your external IP address. You might have to allow gunicorn through your firewall with sudo ufw allow 8000.

You will want to run gunicorn with nohup so it continues serving in the background:

nohup gunicorn -w 1 satsale:app > log.txt 2>&1 &
tail -f log.txt

Tip: you can a particular config file with gunicorn -w 1 satsale:app -- config.toml

Embed a Donation Button

Now embed the donation button into your website HTML:

  style="margin: 0 auto;display:block;width:420px;height:460px;border:none;overflow:hidden;"

Changing YOUR_SERVER_IP to the IP address of the machine you're running SatSale on, node or otherwise. Additionally, you could redirect a domain to that IP and use that instead.

Using HTTPS & Domains

Point a domain to your VPS. You can run SatSale or use NGINX/apache to point to the service. See HTTPS instructions. Embedded iframes are easy if your site only uses HTTP. But if your site uses HTTPS, then you can see your donation button at http://YOUR_SERVER_IP:8000/ but will not be able to in an embedded iframe. See HTTPS instructions.

Lightning Address

Once you have an HTTPS domain pointed at SatSale, in the configuration under a lightning node you can specify a lightning address:

# Lightning Address e.g. name@you.satsale.domain (think this requires https url)
lightning_address =
lightning_address_comment = "Thank you for your support <3"


Run SatSale on a separate machine to your node, ensuring your node IP is not exposed. When possible, host on a machine where your node only has access to a watch-only wallet. Similarly, for lightning, use an invoice.macaroon not admin.macaroon unless required.

Payment Gateway (Woocommerce)

Currently we have a plugin for Woocommerce in Wordpress that makes Bitcoin webstores extremely easy, please click here for installation instructions. SatSale acts as a custom payment gateway for Woocommerce via the php plugin found in /gateways. We have plans to extend to other web stores in the future.


When updating we recommend to first backup your config:

cp config.toml bk_config.toml

# (previously)

then stash your changes:

git stash
git pull origin master
git stash pop

We're still in early development, so things are changing a lot. You may have to resolve changes or manually migrate to the .toml (if you used an earlier version of SatSale with the .py config).

You can also just make commits to your modified fork.


Contributions welcomed

You only need a little python!

The main code can be found in The client-side logic for initiating the payment and querying the API sits in static/satsale.js, button appearance in templates/index.html, and Woocommerce plugin in gateways/woo_satsale.php. Please have ago at implementing some of the things below or in the issues!



SatSale is in early development. As such, we are not responsible for any loss of funds, vulnerabilities with software, or any other grievances which may arise. Always confirm large payments manually and use cold storage as much as possible.


Please consider supporting me via my own instance of SatSale :). This is my first FOSS project, any support would greatly assist my ability to prioritise SatSale and other areas of Bitcoin. And most importantly, help us bring non-custodial bitcoin payments to the world. Please email


Lightweight Bitcoin payment processor written in easily deployable Python. Self custody donations and payments on-chain & Lightning network, directly connected to your own Bitcoin node! No middleman/custodian.