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Powerthesaurus integration for Emacs
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License: GPL v3 MELPA

emacs-powerthesaurus is a simple plugin to integrate Emacs with amazing


emacs-powerthesaurus is available on MELPA. You can install it using the following command:

M-x package-install [RET] powerthesaurus [RET]

How to use

emacs-powerthesaurus defines three interactive functions:

  • powerthesaurus-lookup-word
  • powerthesaurus-lookup-word-at-point
  • powerthesaurus-lookup-word-dwim

If you have any active selection, powerthesaurus-lookup-word fetches selected text at and gives you a list of synonyms to replace it with. Without any selection it asks you for the input first, and insert selected synonyms at point.

powerthesaurus-lookup-word-at-point finds a word at point (according to the current mode settings), fetches it at, and also replaces it with the selected synonym.

powerthesaurus-lookup-word-dwim combines these two functions into one. It tries to infer whatever user wants to look up. If there is an active selection that will be the choice. Otherwise, it checks if there any word at point and fetches that word. And if there is nothing appropriate, it asks the user to provide a word.



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