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+Developer Reference
+If you a developer seeking to implement support for your journal of choice, or
+hoping to make some contribution to the core project of OpenAccess_EPUB, then
+this section is for you! Here is where I hope to make familiarizing yourself
+with the project and its code easier.
+The Basic Idea
+OpenAccess_EPUB converts Journal Publishing Tag Set-conforming XML into an
+ePub-conforming ebook. ePub is itself a collection of XML formats that gets
+wrapped up into an ordered package (then zipped and named .epub) so the work
+is already half done, right? The short answer is "yes... but"; it takes a bit
+of knowledge and work but that's why I wrote OpenAccess_EPUB, to make the job
+of development easier. Below I'll outline the relevant specifications for ePub
+as well as how to jump into the code to begin extending it.
+Every ePub file must follow the Open Container Format, OCF, which you can read
+about here (Links to a .doc file):` <>`
+This contains information about file and directory placement and conventions
+regarding naming and such. OpenAccess_EPUB handles the basics, but if you wish
+to work on something more advanced,
+Every ePub file must follow the Open Packaging Format, OPF, which you can read
+about here: ` <>`
+This specifies the crucial OPF Package Document (.opf file) and Global
+Declarative Navigation File (or "Navigation Center eXtended" .ncx). Together
+these documents facilitate indexing and navigation of the ePub. Adding support
+for a new publisher will involve extending the openaccess_epub.opf module to
+ensure that these files are correctly generated from the input XML.
+Finally, there is the Open Publication Structure, OPS, whose specification is
+available here: ` <>`
+This defines what will serve as valid XML for the reading content of the ePub.
+Despite being written for the JPTS in multiple versions, OpenAccess_EPUB is
+not able to anticipate the needs of specific publishers (or not for now) due to
+the variety permitted by the schema and publisher convention; this will
+probably consume the majority of the time spent implementing support for a new
+publisher. Fortunately, you are not alone (I am happy to help) and the work
+that I have done for PLoS should serve as a good model.
+Important Python Libraries
+This project makes extensive use of the xml.dom.minidom module of the Python
+Standard Library. One should read/skim the docs for that module, as well as
+note that I have added some extended functions to some of its classes; you will
+find these changes near the top of
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+ forthedevs
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