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The Great Ace Attorney - English Fan Translation Patch for Dai Gyakuten Saiban

Please feel free to log typos and errors in the issues page.

We require Luma3DS 7.2 or above. You can check this version by holding SELECT when powering on the console.

You must have either a physical DGS cartridge inserted or a digital DGS copy installed to your 3DS.

  1. Download the latest release from this repository:
  2. Extract the release to the root of your 3DS SD Card.
  3. Hold START while booting your 3DS and choose DGS1-Patcher from the menu, then press A to begin patching.
  4. Patching will take about two minutes. After it is complete, press A again and your 3DS will restart.
  5. Launch FBI and navigate to SD:/3DS/ScarletStudy/DGS1-English-v2.X.X.cia, then install it.

You may now run The Great Ace Attorney on your console, and will only need to repeat these steps to install a new update.

Unfortunately, the Banner can not be translated via a Game Update. The eManual is in English, however.