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This framework still under development

Scarlets is a web framework for PHP that can help you build a website with API and another build-in system. This framework have a lazyload on it's system, so you can select which system that you want to use to keep your website in a high performance state.

Installation instruction

Clone/download this repository and put it on a folder.
Then copy the example folder and edit the framework path on root.php

Install by using command prompt

Make sure you have installed PHP on your computer (Windows and OSX can use XAMPP)
and make sure the php command is available on the command prompt

$ php -v

If not, then you need to set it up on the environment variables.

When the php command is available, open your command prompt and enter this line

$ php -r "copy('', 'net-install');"
$ php net-install

The framework will automatically installed, and the example files will be prepared on your project folder.


Scarlets have internal upgrade feature

$ php scarlets upgrade

But if there are any error and the framework was unable to be loaded
Please clone this repository and extract it to /vendor/scarletsfiction/scarlets

Getting Started

Setup your custom website domain

Before we started, we need to setup Apache or Nginx to route every HTTP request into /public/ directory.

If you're using Windows, you can use Laragon to easily Switch Document Root that will automatically create new Apache VirtualHost and modify drivers\etc\hosts for you. So you can easily access your project with a custom domain.

This framework has a build-in server by calling

$ php scarlets serve (port) (address) (options)

Address: localhost, network, IPAddress
Options: --log, --verbose


Even the build-in server was blazingly fast, it still have some problem because it's running in a single thread for every request. So it's very recommended to setup your website using Nginx. But if you want to deploy a small server into Raspberry PI, Android, or other linux devices it may be better to use the build-in server.

You can also create your own command for your project


The user defined command are editable on /routes/console.php


The usage on how to use this framework is in the Wiki


If you want to help in Scarlets framework, please fork this project and edit on your repository, then make a pull request to here.


Scarlets is under the MIT license.
Help improve this framework by support the author \(≧▽≦)/