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Classes in file reflection/requestparamattribute.class.php

class RequestParamAttribute

Allows to automatically pass REQUEST parameters to methods arguments.
in the doccomment will make the following usable:
function SomeMethod($joe){ log_debug($joe); }

Namespace: ScavixWDF\Reflection

Extends: WdfAttribute


Checks if the argument is optional
This is done by checking if there's a default value specified.

Definition: public function IsOptional()

Returns: bool true or false


Checks a given array for data for this and updates another array accordingly
This is kind of internal, so will not be documented further. Only that it ensures typed data in the $args argument
from the $data argument. We will most likely clean this procedure up in the future.

Definition: public function UpdateArgs($data, $args)

Returns: boolean|string true if everything went fine, an error string if not


  • array $data Combined request data

  • array $args resulting typed values