A collection of JSON schema files including full API
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JSON Schema Store

A collection of JSON schemas

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The repository is meant as a universal JSON schema store, where schemas for popular JSON documents can be found.

Website: schemastore.org


Contributions are more than welcome. Both to the website itself or to the various schema files.

JSON Schema

You can contribute in a variety of ways. For a detailed tutorial, read Scott Addie's Community-Driven JSON Schemas in Visual Studio 2015 blog post.

  1. Submit new JSON schema files
  2. Add a JSON schema file to the schema catalog
  3. Modify/update existing schema files

Versioning of schema files are handled by modifying the file name to include the version number: myschema-1.2.json

When uploading a new schema file, make sure it targets a file that is commonly used or has potential for broad uptake.

If you don't have Visual Studio (using macOS or Linux?), you can check your modifications are fine by running:

cd src
npm install

CSS spec

The CSS specification is divided into multple XML documents

  • one for each CSS module as specified by the W3C.

Each XML document can contain properies, @-directives and pseudo elements/classes with descriptions, example usage and allowed values.

Here are some ways to contribute:

  1. Add missing descriptions
  2. Add missing properties and values
  3. Update the supported browsers attribute
  4. Add new CSS modules by creating a new file

The easiest way to contribute is to use Visual Studio 2012 or newer, since it has native support for this XML format.

After cloning this project to your local machine, copy the XML schema files to this folder:

C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\VisualStudio\14.0\schemas\css where 14.0 refers to the version of Visual Studio.

If the last part of the path (schemas\css) doesn't exist, you should create it manually.

Visual Studio will now use these schema files instead of the ones it ships with.