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  • If you contact the support about the Japanese version, your message must be in Japanese.
  • If you contact the support about the English version, your message must be in English.
  • Automatically translated messages that don't make sense will be ignored.

In Game

  • Go to Other

  • Then Support

  • Read everything and scroll down

  • Go to Customer Support Inquiry

  • You'll get an email template like that:

  • Fill the missing information and write your own message

  • Klabs usually replies within a week

By email

  • Send an email to:

  • Include as much information as you can in your email:

    • your friend ID
    • your username
    • the model of your device (nexus 5, iphone6, ...)
    • your os version
    • your internet connection (3g, wi-fi, lte, ...)