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Yaktor Documentation Repo

Please report issues at

2. About

This repository contains the documentation for Yaktor, a scalable, event-driven, agent-based rapid development platform.

The documentation entry point is reference/index.adoc.

3. Authoring

It’s not terribly difficult to author documentation here. Understand the directory structure, then read how to build the docs.

3.1. Directory structure

  • reference: This is the entrypoint to the documentation. Most things are reachable from here, so that’s where you should start.

  • out: This is where the static HTML is written by asciidoctor. (It’s ignored by git.)

  • attic: This is old stuff that either needs to be removed, or needs to be updated and brought into the main documentation tree rooted in reference.

3.2. Building

This repo is built via asciidoctor. Instead of installing it & all of its dependencies, you can just use Docker from the root of this repository:

$ docker run --rm -v $PWD:/app -w /app yaktor/node:0.39.0 bash -c ./build.rb

If you want to author this documentation and continuously generate it on changes, you can either use the watch-asciidoc script in the repo root directory, which requires nodemon to be installed, or you can spin up your own filesystem watcher and invoke the docker command above yourself. Up to you.

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