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fuzzyjulz commented Sep 17, 2018

Swagger2Markup version: 1.3.3

Problem description:
When generating examples for asciidoc, the "Request header" section doesn't include the 'name' from the swagger (it does bring in the header example though). This is visible in your example docs: . This shows the "Re

rmoutray-configureone commented Sep 12, 2019

When using an inter-document cross reference, such as this:
<<SOME_ADOC.adoc#, Some Adoc>>
The link in the preview as well as browser does not point to the .adoc file, but changes the link to point to a .html file. This file is of course not present because the html has not been generated yet, when everything is still in adoc format.
For previewing inter-document links (to .adoc files), the g

ghp-dev commented Nov 10, 2018

Expected behavior and actual behavior.


Extract asciidoc from ppt when using task exportPPT on Linux.
If this task is not supported, clearly state so in the documentation.


[ERROR] [org.gradle.internal.buildevents.BuildExceptionReporter] > Cannot run program "cmd": error=2, Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden

Steps to reproduce the pr

wbolster commented Dec 19, 2016

right now the only api is the copy-as-format function which inspects the prefix argument and relies on the region being active.

it would be nice to have a public function that would take two positions (begin and end) and a format argument (string, t to prompt for format, nil for default format) that would copy the text in between those two positions using the specified format.


cherry-wave commented May 3, 2019

Hello =)

Sooo, when you write "= Document: Title" the Confluence Page will get a title "Document".

Escaping it like this: "Document: Title" will result in "Document"

Escaping it like this: "Document+:+ Title" will result in "Document+:+ Title"

I am using version 0.5.0 btw

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