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Decrypts the ClCertA files.
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Decrypts the ClCertA files.


  1. Get ClCertA (TitleID 0004001b00010002). If you get it from the CDN, remember to decrypt it with its decrypted titlekey in AES-128-CBC mode.
  2. Decrypt the ClCertA CFA with the tool of your choice. Decrypt9, rxTools and 3DS Multi Decryptor both work as well.
  3. Use ctrtool to extract the RomFS from the decrypted ClCertA CFA.
  4. Compile ccrypt. This requires devkitPro and devkitARM or any regular cross-compiling gcc targeting arm-none-eabi.
  5. Place the resulting code.bin at the root of your SD card.
  6. Place ctr-common-1-cert.bin and ctr-common-1-key.bin from your ClCertA RomFS at the root of your SD card.
  7. Visit with your 3DS web browser.

The resulting files are ctr-common-1-cert.dec and ctr-common-1-key.dec at the root of your SD card. They are in DER format. For usage in browsers, you may need to convert it to the PKCS#12 format or the PEM format.

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