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Python wrapper for Mac OS 10.8 Notification Center
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A simple Python wrapper around the terminal-notifier command-line tool (version 2.0.0), which allows you to send User Notifications to the Notification Center on Mac OS X 10.10, or higher.



pip install pync


pip install git+


git clone git://
cd pync
python install


For full information on all the options, see the tool’s README.


Using the notify function

import pync

pync.notify('Hello World')
pync.notify('Hello World', title='Python')
pync.notify('Hello World', group=os.getpid())
pync.notify('Hello World', activate='')
pync.notify('Hello World', open='')
pync.notify('Hello World', execute='say "OMG"')
pync.notify('Hello World', appIcon='')



Using the notifier object

from pync import Notifier

Notifier.notify('Hello World')
Notifier.notify('Hello World', title='Python')
Notifier.notify('Hello World', group=os.getpid())
Notifier.notify('Hello World', activate='')
Notifier.notify('Hello World', open='')
Notifier.notify('Hello World', execute='say "OMG"')
Notifier.notify('Hello World', appIcon='')




All the works are available under the MIT license. Except for ‘Terminal.icns’, which is a copy of Apple’s icon and as such is copyright of Apple.

See LICENSE for details.

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