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Welcome to Seajure

Our official web site is at

Project Ideas

  • pdoseq: like pmap, but for side-effects
  • ical support for our web site
  • Continue to expand Cabeza de Vaca
  • Explore Clojars codebase
  • Github-style network graphs
  • print-method for namespaces
  • Equality for serializable-fn
  • Expanded clojure.test/is defmethods for improved reporting
  • Meta-web app for starting apps from clojars
  • Generic paginator for lazy seqs
  • Quil jamming
  • Git proxy for Github issues
  • On-the-fly uberjarring web app
  • Break into small groups and:
  • Implement the same algorithm different ways and compare
  • Write bots to play against each other in a simple game

When running a meeting it may be helpful to refer to this tmux guide.

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