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Makerskiff is a portable 104hp Eurorack skiff. It's made to be affordable (<150€) and cut on a laser cutter. It's derivated from Nonlinearcircuits's Eurorack Laser Cut Case.



Makerskiff is made for 3mm wood. When you send the file for cutting, please make sure that each of the joing tabs are 3mm long, to make sure there were no scaling up or down of the file while exporting/converting/downloading and what not. If it's not, just scale it back to the good size !

When you have the pieces, just glue them together ! Varnish, sand, paint, do whatever you want until you like it.


The case is intended to be built with the Mean Well RT-65B.

The space for it is tight in the way I positioned it, but it should work. I made it work. There's less than a centimeter to make the cables go from the terminals to the busboard and the AC inlet.

I highly recommend you cover the terminals with a bit of electrical tape as some of these will be carrying the mains and the RT-65B doesn't have a proper plastic cover.


The busboard is a Moraydular Power Bus (Wide Version). Find all the info on that one on the dedicated GitHub repo :

PCB's are available at


  • 1x Mean Well RT-65B
    Mouser part No: 709-RT65B
  • 2x Gie-Tec 104hp vector rails with lip
  • 1x Schurter DD11.0114.1110 AC Power Inlet
    Mouser part No : 693-DD11.0114.1110
    Careful, they're often sold without the fuse drawer. Remember to include it in your order ! You might want to add a cover as well. If you want to save a bit, you can also wrap it with electrical tape when it's mounted.
  • Busboard's BOM to be found on the dedicated GitHub Repo.
  • Various cables and screws, I'm sure you can figure that part out.


Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text


For closing and carrying the skiff, I've thought of some sort of two velcro straps, that would join in a handle. I'm yet to create these ! But here is a - gross - mockup for you to get the idea.
A possible improvement to the case would be to have a part sticking out so the lid would go exactly on the bottom and stay in place.

Alt text


This project is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license.


An inexpensive, open-source 104hp Eurorack skiff for DIY-ers. Designed for laser-cutting. Includes a lid for transport.




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