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Skrypt commented Oct 5, 2020

If you create an admin menu node in which you decide to display all content types and that you set a global icon to use on all of them it will display the icon only on the first content type item in that node. It should display the same icon for all the menu items.

The issue seems to be in the ContentTypesAdminNodeNavigationBuilder where it does GetIconClasses.


z3dev commented Jan 10, 2021

Expected Behavior

The serializer should be able to

  • Serialize geom3 to IndexedTriangleSet
    • Support colors on polygons, translating to Color
  • Serialize geom2 to IndexedLineSet or LineSet
  • Serialize path2 to IndexedLineSet or LineSet
  • Support UNIT in header
  • Support colors on geometries, translating to Appearance
    • Material emissiveColor

Actual Behavior

The current se

JamesGent commented Jul 19, 2021

Current Behaviour

Empty Tainted Ooze Jar can be used 10x on the same corpse for the quest. It does not despawn the body of a tainted ooze currently, so you kill 1 ooze and spam the vial 10 times for quest completion.

Expected Blizzlike Behaviour

Using the vial despawns the corpse (like the other vial of ooze quest, same NPC).


CasADi is a symbolic framework for numeric optimization implementing automatic differentiation in forward and reverse modes on sparse matrix-valued computational graphs. It supports self-contained C-code generation and interfaces state-of-the-art codes such as SUNDIALS, IPOPT etc. It can be used from C++, Python or Matlab/Octave.

  • Updated Aug 1, 2021
  • C++

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