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@tourdedave tourdedave released this Mar 17, 2020

  • a11y: support resize text PR 972 (#975)
  • a11y: color & design PR 972 (#965)
  • a11y: announce recording has started PR 974 (#964)
  • a11y: support labels, roles, tooltips, and focus order PR 973 (#963)
  • a11y: long test names can be scrolled into view PR 987 (#987)
  • add waitForText command PR 869 & 980 (#980)
  • code export: add option to output command description on its own line PR 878
  • add commands to context menu PR 867 & 899
  • add confirmation dialog before loading a new project PR 883
  • recording: fix click handling after starting/stopping PR 927
  • recording: properly save handlers so they are correctly removed PR 926
  • docs: updated getting-started PR 909
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@tourdedave tourdedave released this Dec 2, 2019

  • Fix for playbackOptions becoming undefined when running nested tests
  • Fix for window resizing in javascript-mocha code export
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@tourdedave tourdedave released this Nov 25, 2019

  • Added the option to specify a remote Grid URL for code export
  • Made code-export packages public so SIDE plugin maintainers can automate code generation for end-to-end testing if needed
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@tourdedave tourdedave released this Nov 11, 2019

  • Fix bug in playback which skips tests in suites
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@tourdedave tourdedave released this Nov 10, 2019

  • Code export C# xUnit PR #845
  • Code export C# NUnit
  • Code export Ruby RSpec
  • Added persistence to language selection in code export
  • Fix variable bug in Java code export when using nested for loops
  • Fix ActionChains in Python code export PR #827
  • Updated code export command validation to ignore commented out commands
  • Updated plugin boilerplate PR #859
  • Added property access to variables PR #808 (added in the previous release but not noted)
  • Fix for the wrong filetype being used when saving a project or using code export
  • Made it so assertions in nested tests can be disabled from the run command
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@corevo corevo released this Oct 11, 2019

  • Added experimental support for controlled extension mode
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@tourdedave tourdedave released this Sep 12, 2019

  • Control flow: Added optional loop limit override to repeat if
  • Control flow: Excuded for each from implicit retry limit
  • Runner: Fixed type checking bug for WebElements
  • Plugins: Added support to open the IDE and load projects (PR #804)
  • Code export: Added missing support for command registration to side-model (fixes broken code export for plugins)
  • Variables: Added improved property access on variables (PR #808)
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@tourdedave tourdedave released this Sep 4, 2019

  • Control flow: fix for off-by-one error in nested forEach command blocks
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@tourdedave tourdedave released this Sep 4, 2019

  • Code export: Added command validation and error handling to notify the user of invalid commands
  • Code export: Made the exported browser name match the current browser used for the IDE
  • Control flow: Fixed a bug in forEach that prevented nested forEach command blocks from completely executing
  • Runner: Fixed an off-by one error in forEach that prevented the last item in a collection from being used (PR #752)
  • Docs: Updated runner documentation to specify required vendor prefix for browser specific options (PR #757)
  • Docs: Fixed typo (PR #784)
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@tourdedave tourdedave released this Jul 18, 2019

  • Fix for string escaping, to handle backslashes
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