Translating Semantic UI Docs

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Signing Up To Translate

You can sign up for our project translation at the project translation hub on Transifex

We use Transifex to coordinate between multiple developers who've decided to contribute time to help with Semantic translations. It's really helpful and completely free for open source projects.

Translation Process

After registering, you should be able to start translating using the "Live" button.

Transifex Live is an editor that lets you translate strings while browsing through the contents of the site, so you can understand the context of each text string.

Hovering over a string will bring up a toolbar for translation, clicking the pencil will bring up a sidebar.

Translation Toolbar

In addition in this menu you can leave comments for other translators.

If you are unsure of a translation, save it but don't mark it as "reviewed".

What To Translate

I advise to try translating the most important strings first like the homepage headings, and the UI definition names, before going too far into other page text. The best way to translate is using the Live editor where each string can be seen in the context of its usage.

Disabled Strings

Not all content may be available in Transifex. Changes to the documentation have to be manually imported into Transifex by a project administrator. If you see a text string which is unclickable please email me and I can help add it.

Adding Languages

If the language you would like to translate to does not exist yet, you can request it by clicking the Request language button.


If you need help using Transifex, you can go to their documentation page

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