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New features

  • Add CORS header and preflight response in case of a JWT token auth request, so that JWT authentication works with CORS.


  • Allow SnAdmin install packages to be executed multiple times (depends on the decision of the package creator).
  • It is possible to create and execute packages that contain the hyphen (-) character in their name.

Bug fixes

  • The Open in Office feature works regardless of the file extension casing (e.g. .xlsx/.XLSX).
  • Content type header is added correctly to the response, even if the content path casing is incorrect in the request.
  • OData parameter inlinecount=allpages results in executing a Lucene query (compile to SQL is not allowed in this case so that a correct full count is served to the client).
  • Add missing fieldsetting content types to aid list field management on content lists.
  • Allowed child type logic works even if there is a missing content type in the list.


To get started please follow the instructions in the Install sensenet ECM from NuGet article.

Upgrade from previous versions

If you installed a previous version, please export your custom content before you get the new version:

  1. export your custom content from the Content Repository (using the export SnAdmin tool)
  2. upgrade the NuGet package in Visual Studio (from v7.0.0 beta2 to beta3). Make sure you let nuget overwrite your local files with the new ones from the package.
  3. please remove/cleanup generated package folder(s) from your web\Admin\tools folder: most importantly install-services, so that the new package zip is extracted when you install the component again.
  4. reinstall the whole Services component. This is a clean install that creates a new db. If you want to use the same db name, use the ForcedReinstall:true switch when installing.
  5. import your custom data

There is no in-place upgrade for this version, the new dlls would not work with the old database.