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Embedded SGP Drivers
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This repository contains the embedded driver sources for Sensirion's SGP product line.

Clone this repository

git clone --recursive

Repository content

  • embedded-common (submodule repository for common embedded driver stuff)
  • sgp30 (SGP30 driver related)
  • sgpc3 (SGPC3 driver related)
  • sgp-common (SGPxx related)

Collecting resources

make release

This will create a release folder with the necessary driver files in it, including a Makefile. That way, you have just ONE folder with all the sources ready to build your driver for your platform.

Files to adjust (from embedded-common)

You only need to touch the following files:

  • sensirion_arch_config.h (architecture specifics, you need to specify the integer sizes)

and depending on your i2c implementation one of the following:

  • sensirion_hw_i2c_implementation.c (functions for hardware i2c communication if your platform supports that)
  • sensirion_sw_i2c_implementation.c (functions for software i2c communication via GPIOs)

Building the driver

  1. Step into your desired directory (e.g.: release/sgp30)
  2. Adjust sensirion_arch_config.h if you don't have the <stdint.h> header file available
  3. Implement necessary functions in one of the *_implementation.c files
  4. make

Please check the embedded-common repository for further information and sample implementations.

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