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Documentation: Inform people that anon can su to root by default
\0 pointed out that this is not mentioned anywhere, technically making
it a "local privilege escalation" bug.

This patch adds it to the documentation, and I've also paid out the
first $5 bounty to the "Kiwis for Kiwi" charity as per \0's request!
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awesomekling committed Mar 30, 2020
1 parent 06aec96 commit ec91d2eb9febafd82de3b30bd76fb621f3da5026
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@@ -60,6 +60,9 @@ Once you've built the toolchain, go into the `Kernel/` directory, then run
**./**, and if nothing breaks too much, take it for a spin by using

Note that the `anon` user is able to become `root` without password by default, as a development convenience.
To prevent this, remove `anon` from the `wheel` group and he will no longer be able to run `/bin/su`.

Bare curious users may even consider sourcing suitable hardware to [install Serenity on a physical PC.](

Later on, when you `git pull` to get the latest changes, there's no need to rebuild the toolchain. You can simply rerun **./** in the `Kernel/` directory and you'll be good to **./run** again.

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