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TruckersMP Status Project Version 2.1

This TruckersMP Status Project can be used in many different ways. It includes

  • Bootstrap 4 (CDN)
  • TruckersMP API (Cached)
  • PHP
  • Font Awesome 5 (CDN)
  • Jquery (CDN)
  • HTML
  • Material Design for Bootstrap

Getting Started

Make sure to have these set in php.ini for this to work properly!

  • Any Of These PHP Versions 5.6 7.0 7.1
  • allow_url_fopen on (If Possible Or If Needed Or If cURL Isn't Being Used)


You can remove the author section if you want to but do not put that you created it.
It can be modified in any way.
Thanks To StuartD to help with the caching.

How to use

Make sure all folders with the index.php are in the same directory.
If not in same directory then change the url of the sources in the index.php file.
Make sure you did what was said in Getting Started.

Version 2.1

This Project is currently on Version 2.1


  • Removed all JS & CSS files (except main.css) and now using CDNs.
  • Upgraded FontAwesome 4 to Fontawesome 5
  • Changed from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4
  • Changed from Metro Bootstrap to Material Design for Bootstrap
  • More mobile or small device friendly
  • Reworked all FA & Bootstrap styles
  • Fixed the icon bug
  • Police For Players only show when a server has it enabled
  • Cards (Formally Panels) look better
  • Fixed the mis-aligned spacing between each line
  • Favicon changes for different devices such as desktop and mobile
  • Font is more bold and darker.
  • Small text is more bigger and clear


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details