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User Manual

Sharpdeveloper edited this page Jan 14, 2018 · 9 revisions

The manual is a work in progress. Please be patient. Some features might not be intuative, so im trying to explain them here. And hopefully I can create a full manual later on...

  1. Download the latest Version of TXM
  2. Start TXM
  3. Create a new Tournament
    1. Via menu
    2. Via T3 import
    3. Via Excel import
  4. Add player (only needed if you create the Tournament via menu or want to add player which aren't in the T3 or Excel file)
  5. Edit player
  6. Remove player
    1. Remove player from the tournament (if the tournament not started)
    2. Drop player from the tournament (if the tournament is started)
    3. Disqualify player from the tournament (only accessible if the tournament started)
  7. Enter players score
  8. How to use the Timer