A slimmed down gentoo linux livecd/liveusb iso that allows to load different boot options and runs from RAM upon boot. A VCTLabs project.
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TAZ stands for temporary autonomous zone. Gentoo linux livecd/liveusb iso's can be found for x86 (32-bit) and amd64 (64-bit, both for amd as intel 64-bit cpu's). The TAZ livecd's differ from the official x86 and amd64 gentoo live media by being rather small (able to fit on a cd) while still having full livecd functionality (so not an install cd). Upon boot, the data of the selected boot setup on the livecd or liveusb is written to tmpfs (RAM) -so there's not even a need for a regular hard disk to be present (although you will require a fair amount of RAM)-. The TAZ livecd/liveusb iso's also include the files found in the /files_included_in_TAZ_isos/ github folder. These files allow the iso to retrieve the settings, scripts, ... found in the "TAZ_optional_usb_stick"-repo which are to be downloaded and placed on a USB-stick. The use stick needs to be inserted to the PC before every boot. For x86, the lowest supported class of cpu's are the SSE-cpu's, so Pentium 3 / Athlon Xp.