The animals project for Sask Wildlife as assigned by the 374 lab
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Design Process (Uml, Seq diagram, ect)

374 Animals

An animal simulator made as a project for Software Engineering 374 lab at the University of Regina.


  • Shawn Clake
  • Sam Dietrich
  • Uys Kriek
  • Jennifer Herasymuik


The [Sask Wildlife] federation has a desire to study the life cycle of animals that live in a certain habitat in Saskatchewan. They would like our students to model their habitat and create a software simulation modelling their life cycle. The animals will be placed in a virtual world and seek out food and will live or die depending on what happens in their world.

(Trevor Douglas, 2016) - Pulled from Lab 4 assignment handout

Current Feature List

  • Planning stage - UML, Class/Sequence Diagrams
  • Stub coding
  • Eating animals and vegetation
  • Using the simulation
  • Generating a simulation
  • Adding x number of animals and y number of vegetation
  • Adding a UI
  • A log of daily events
  • Added a count of alive and dead animals
  • Added the ability to choose what to spawn

Upcoming Features

  • Done

Planned Features

  • Done

Planned supported devices

  • Java supported platforms