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What is Thelia-cli?

A set of tools for controlling Thelia installations from the command line.


  • PHP >= 5.3
  • Thelia >= 1.4


Via GIT:

git clone ~/git/thelia-cli
cd ~/git/thelia-cli
composer.phar install
sudo chmod a+x bin/thelia

You can replace ~/git/thelia-cli with whatever you want.

You can add thelia to your PATH to use thelia directly in your thelia root directory like this : thelia help instead of path/to/thelia-cli/bin/thelia help


Go into a Thelia root folder:

cd /var/www/thelia/

Typing path/to/thelia-cli/bin/thelia help should show you an output similar to this:

Example usage:
	thelia core [version] ...
	thelia plugin [status|activate|deactivate|install|delete] ...

So this tells us which commands are installed: eg. google-sitemap, core, home, ... Between brackets you can see their sub commands.

Let's for example try to install the hello dolly plugin from

thelia plugin:install hello-dolly


Installing Hello Dolly (1.5)

Downloading install package from ...
Unpacking the package ...
Installing the plugin ...

Success: The plugin is successfully installed

Adding commands

Adding commands to thelia-cli is very easy. You can even add them from within your own plugin. You can find more information about adding commands in the Commands Cookbook on our Wiki.

Please share the commands you make, issue a pull request to get them included in thelia-cli by default.


  • initial release