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Example Fulfillment Service Integration with Shopify
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A simple sinatra web app demonstrating how to integrate an existing fulfillment service with an API into Shopify using the Shopify Fulfillment Service API and the Shopify Embedded App SDK.

Check out the code in lib/* and read the docs to understand how the app works.

This app is built using the shopify-sinatra-app framework, take a look at the framework readme for information about developing locally and deploying to Heroku.

This particular app is an example integration with Shipwire. Check out the other branches to see how this integration can be used with the other services built into Active Fulfillment such as Webgistix and Amazon Marketplace Web.

After you have the app running visit the install page (located at your url + '/install') and install the app on your Shopify test store. Then you will need to add your Shipwire Credentials - you can create a Shipwire developer account which will let you make requests in test mode - the app is configured for this by default. In test mode Shipwire will always return the same data regardless of what is in the request. Therefore when creating a product to use the custom fulfillment app always use either GD802-024 or GD201-500 for the SKU.

If you use this template as a starting point for building an integration it is strongly recommended that you follow a similar pattern used here and add the specific logic for formating and parsing the requests to the Active Fulfillment library.

Running Tests

First run the rake command test:prepare which will initialize the test database. Then simply run:

rake test
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