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  1. Micropython I2C-based manipulation of the MCP series GPIO expander, derived from Adafruit_MCP230xx

    Python 30 14

  2. Micropython implementation of DFPlayer control using UART 1 (secondary Serial connection)

    Python 30 10

  3. medea Public

    Low-overhead JSON tokeniser / lexer / parser library for Micropython and Python3

    Python 9

  4. projects Public

    Resources supporting published projects, including build diagrams and software. Issues invited.

    C++ 7 1

  5. Forked from JMW95/pyST7920

    Micropython library for ST7920 128x64 monochrome LCD. Tested on a 'Cockle'; NodeMCU module w. Micropython 1.8.7

    Python 7 6

  6. cockle Public

    Utilities and examples for the use of an ESP8266 - scroll down for README

    Python 6 2


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