Add FLEX to SpringBoard on iOS 12 RootlessJB
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alt text

Hello Friends

What is this?

THIS IS A TOOL FOR TWEAK DEVELOPERS!! This is an implementation of FLEX for iOS 12 RootlessJB. The tweak [[FLEXing]] by NSExceptional ( is awesome, but unfortunately Activator has not been updated for iOS 12 RootlessJB I have come to learn there is a branch of FLEXing that does not use activator, and should be compatible with iOS 12. This is a very simple implementation that allows you to toggle FLEX from the home screen or lockscreen ANYWHERE by force-touching or long-pressing the status bar. You can also use this while the phone is locked (toggle this option in the settings).

How does this work?

Force-Touch or Long-Press (2 seconds) the status bar. Does not work in apps yet because of sandboxing limitations of RootlessJB. Works everywhere.

How do I install this?

Compile with theos, inject debs how you normally would for RootlessJB. This will also work with a package manager once one gets updated.

Can I contribute?

yep, just do yourself a fork :)

Are there settings with a nice little icon?

of course


BSD for FLEX (located in the classes directory) and also BSD for this one.

Flex icon partially made by GD Creativ, ZA from The Noun Project