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This code archive contains useful codes from the official forums of PureBasic and other sources and presents them in a categorized and quickly accessible format.

Each code in the archive is a separate work with its own copyright holders, so it is possible that the codes can have different licenses.

If you want to include codes from this code archive in your program code, check the license compatibility first. Look at this page for more information:

GPI started the project and has done a lot of work. Thank you very much!

After Sicro took over the project from GPI, the repository was completely revised:

  • Completely new git history created. All commits now contain only changes that. match the commit description. Commits of old code versions were removed, because it would have been too much work to adjust the old commits.
  • Code categories renamed and adapted to the structure of the PB help.
  • PB version removed from the code headers. All codes should always work with the latest PB version.
  • PB settings at the bottom of the codes removed. Changes in this area were always unimportant.
  • Tools that help maintain the repository are removed from the branch "master" These are later stored in the new orphaned branch "repo-dev".
  • ZIP-packed codes unpacked.
  • Added a license to all codes. All authors were asked for permission.
  • Removed all codes to which I did not get permission for licensing.
  • Removed the entries "Date" and "Author" from the code headers. The authors and the publication year can now be found in the copyright notices.

Active collaborators

  • SicroAtGit (in the PB forums known as Sicro)


A collection of useful codes from the PureBasic forums and other sources.





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