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samuele-mattiuzzo commented Dec 24, 2019

This is more of a question with a potential follow-up suggestion: in the genre column, we do have drama/thriller and thriller/drama

Is there a valid reason behind this? If not, I would suggest making it more consistent (eg: pick one between the two and use it consistently across the list), so that sorting it properly groups them.

Also: since we do have categories already, why the column

znakeeye commented Sep 27, 2019

In your list of examples, you have this piece of code:

let old = Array("abcd")
let new = Array("adbc")
let changes = diff(old: old, new: new)

// Move "d" from index 3 to index 1

Is this indeed correct or was this before introducing the Heckel algorithm?

Haven't verified this, but doesn't Heckel produce all three moves in this case? I.e.:

// Move "d" from i
andysnell commented Mar 7, 2019

I'm looking for some clarification about the intended behavior for toArray(). As per the current project documentation, the toArray() method (emphasis mine):

Converts the collection to array recursively.

A recursive operation implies that a collection of collections would be converted into an array of arrays; however, the current behavior just calls iterator_to_array on the to

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