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Hackintosh Clover EFI for Acer Aspire A515-51G
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Supports MacOS 10.14.x and 10.13.x


Whats Working...

  • Audio w/ headphone jack
  • CPU Speedstep (XCPM)
  • iGPU with disabled dGPU
  • Battery Management
  • Backlight
  • Ethernet
  • HDMI + Audio
  • Sleep + Wake
  • Smart Touchpad + Gestures (using I2C)
  • WebCam
  • Usb 3.0 + Type C
  • Sleep From (Lid)
  • WiFi (2.4 + 5GHz) + BT by using BCM94352z
  • Native hotkey support w/ Fn keys


  • Geekbench Score :
    • Single-Core Score : 4219 Link.
    • Multi-Core Score : 14837 Link.
    • GPU OpenCL Score : 31191 Link.


If you don't have any compatible WiFi card installed, then please visit without-wifi-patches(BCM94352Z) Branch of this repo.


BIOS Settings

  • Security → Set supervisor password (to disable secure boot)
  • Security → Password on boot → Disable
  • Boot → Secure Boot → Disable
  • Boot → Boot Mode → UEFI
  • Main → Touchpad → Set touchpad mode → Advance
  • Main → Lid Open resume → Enabled

Basic Installation

  • Create a Bootable USB for MacOS by using the Guide by RehabMan [Guide] Booting the OS X installer on LAPTOPS with Clover.
  • Install MacOS to SSD / Hard drive. (While installing connect USB keyboard and mouse because I2C is not supported during installation)
  • Install Clover Bootloader into SSD / hard drive.
  • Copy ALL the Contains of this Repo into CLOVER Folder inside the EFI partition of SSD / Hard drive.
  • [IMPORTANT] Make sure to Generate system definitions of MacBook pro 15.2 in config.plist file using Clover Configurator or else MacOS will not Boot! You can find Tutorial about it Here.

Post Installation

  • Disable Hibernation : Hibernation (suspend to disk or S4 sleep) is not supported on hackintosh. it could cause problems if you don't disable it.
$ sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0

$ sudo rm /var/vm/sleepimage

$ sudo mkdir /var/vm/sleepimage

$ sudo pmset -a standby 0

$ sudo pmset -a autopoweroff 0

  • If you have Installed MacOS on SSD, Enable TRIM using following command:
$ sudo trimforce enable
  • To fix the cracking sound from headphones, please see ALCPlugFix.

⭐ Please consider starring this repository if it helped you! ⭐

Laptop configuration

  • Audio : The Sound Card is Realtek ALC255, which is driven by AppleALC on layout-id 3.

  • CPU : The CPU model is i5-8250U and XCPM power management is natively supported.

    • XCPM and HWP are recommended to work together to reach better power management, by injecting plugin-type=1 with SSDT-XCPM, and using CPUFriend.kext.
  • Graphics : The iGPU is Intel UHD Graphics 620, and its enabled using Ig-Platform-id=0x191E0000.

    • The discrete dGPU is NVIDIA GeForce MX150, and it is disabled because macOS doesn't support optimus technology. Plus battery life is much improved.
    • The colour branding or corrupted colour depth is fixed with Intel Skylake spoof and EDID fix.
  • Battery : Battery Management using SMCBatteryManager.kext.

  • Backlight : Native Brightness control using AppleBacklightFixup.kext & SSDT-PNLF.aml.

  • Ethernet : Gigabit Ethernet using RealtekRTL8111.kext.

  • HDMI : Intel Framebuffer patches to change the connector-type to match the physical connector, using WhateverGreen.kext.

    • HDMI Audio : Injecting property "hda-gfx" = "onboard-1" on HDAU, IGPU, HDEF objects & also injecting layout-id 3 on HDAU to match layout-id on HDEF.
  • Touchpad : Native I2C touchpad support using VoodooI2C.kext; Set touchpad Mode to Advance from BIOS & All gestures will work fine.

  • USB : Custom SSDT-UIAC.aml SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext that configures USB ports on XHC such that the port limit patch is not needed, and each UsbConnnector value is correct for each port.

    • You can also find USB port mapping for SSDT-UIAC Here.
  • Wi-Fi : Stock WiFi Card is Atheros QCA9377 It is not supported on MacOS.

    • Best Choice will be to replace current Card with BCM94352Z which has WiFi+BT, or . You can find it on AliExpress for like $20-30. I Have already changed my current WiFi card with BCM94352Z (Lenovo's 04x6020).
    • This BCM94352Z card comes from 2 manufacturer called:
        1. DELL - mainly called DW1560 - has A key NGFF notch - much expensive
        1. Lenovo - mainly called 04x6020 - has E key NGFF notch - not so expensive
    • The Dell's DW1560 is much expensive and is only recommened for laptops with A key NGFF notch & also laptops which have whitelisted cards from certain vendors.
    • On the other hand Lenovo's 04x6020 has E key NGFF notch and is much cheaper than DW1560, This laptop supports both & you are free to choose between the two.
    • Keep in mind, this laptop uses M.2(NGFF) Socket with A+E Key. Half size card won't work.
    • Config.plist is already patched for BCM94352Z and BCM943602BAED & added kexts for BT as well.
  • Bluetooth : Stock Atheros QCA9377 BT will work out-of-the box, But you can't turn it off becouse BT power management is not supported;

    • To Fix this you'll have to get a MacOS compatible WiFi+BT card. The best choice will be BCM94352Z which has WiFi+BT.


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