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Strip: A WordPress Theme for Silent Comics

Strip is a WordPress theme designed for the upcoming SILENT COMICS site.

This theme is not 100% ready for production, although you are welcome to test it. Right now two of the theme's functions, custom post type and custom taxonomy, should go in a plugin. advocates for the separation of presentation and content1. While this is important for portability of content, custom functions within the theme suit this particular project at this point2. Warning 📢 But that means you would lose access to your (comics) data if you used this theme and then switched to another. That is not something you want to happen. So until a simple webcomic plugin can solve this issue, it is best to avoid using this theme on your live site unless you really know what you are doing ✌️.

Theme Wiki

See the Theme wiki for documentation.


PRs Welcome I’m not a developer and there is room for improvements. Do you know how to make this theme better? I would love to get contributions for this project! Please send your findings and suggestions over to hoa // @ // or open a pull request here.

More about the project:

SILENT COMICS’s publishing site ( is coming soon. Please visit Strip WP theme repo here on GitHub to contribute.



Other ways you can help:

Theme review aside, there are a few ways you can support this project . Thank you!

Flattr Silent Comics

Donate using Liberapay

Support development

1: See’s presentation vs functionality guidelines

2: Because the less plugins this project uses, the better.