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NeuroMatic is a collection of WaveMetrics Igor Pro software tools for acquiring, analyzing and simulating electrophysiological data. By merging a wide range of tools into a single package, NeuroMatic facilitates a more integrated style of research. Being open source and of modular design, NeuroMatic allows users to develop their own analysis functions that can be easily incorporated into NeuroMatic’s framework.

Available Tool Tabs: Main, Stats, Spike, Event, Fit, Pulse, Model, Clamp, Demo

How To Install: Put NeuroMatic’s folder, or its shortcut, inside the Igor Procedures folder. Start WaveMetrics Igor Pro. NeuroMatic’s menu should appear within Igor’s main menu bar and NeuroMatic's panel should appear on the right side of Igor. Begin by opening a data file (NeuroMatic > Data Folder > Open Data Files).

How To Contribute: Fork the NeuroMatic GitHub repository branch you would like to make changes to (e.g. Master or Jason-Development). You will need to contact jasonsethrothman to obtain permission to fork Jason-Development. Make your changes with commits of logical units and good commit messages. Push your changes to a topic branch in your fork of the repository. Submit a pull request. We will review your changes and hopefully accept them.

Send email inquiries to

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