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b4st – A Bootstrap 4 Starter Theme, for WordPress

Version 2.4


b4st is a simple WordPress starter theme loaded with Bootstrap 4.

Although b4st was originally intended as a simple starter theme (hence the name b4st), several people wanted child theme capability so with v2.0 I have made functions 'pluggable'. (It can still be used as a starter theme.)

Features of b4st

  • Simple, intuitive, clean code.

  • Theme CSS and JS, functions and loops are organized into different folders.

  • Bootstrap 4.1.3 (served by cdnjs.com CDN) CSS and JS enqueued.

  • Popper 1.14.3 (served by cdnjs.com CDN) JS enqueued. Popper is needed by Bootstrap popovers, tooltips and collapsed navbar "hamburger" action.

  • jQuery 3.3.1 enqueued, (served by cdnjs.com CDN),

  • Font Awesome 5.2.0 (CSS served by use.fontawesome.com CDN) enqueued.

  • Modernizr 2.8.3 (served by cdnjs.com CDN) enqueued.

  • Navbar with dropdowns (child menus) – a custom walker nav menu class has been built to handle the dropdowns.

  • Sidebar-widget-area is optional. If no widgets, then the sidebar will not be shown (main column automatically becomes full width).

  • A starter CSS theme – /theme/css/b4st.css, enqueued. (Note: do not put your styles in styles.css, because that is not enqueued.)

  • WordPress menu and WordPress search form in the Bootstrap 4 .navbar (Note: Bootstrap 4 navbar dropdowns supports only two levels of menu links (no sub-sub menus).

  • Custom comments and response form

  • Bootstrap pagination for:

    • blog index and blog category pages

    • Bootstrap pagination for posts/pages if split over a series of 'pages'

  • Visual editor stylesheet – into which the same Bootstrap 4 CSS, Font Awesome 5 CSS and starter CSS theme are preloaded by @import, so that what you see in the visual editor is (mostly!) what you get at the front end (WYSI(M!)WYG). E.g. you will see the theme's typography in the WordPress Post/Page editor, and you can use Bootstrap CSS in the editor – but its width will not be the same as your article column width in the front end.

  • Child theme friendly (functions are pluggable).

  • UNLICENCE (open source).

b4st Releases

Significant updates and milestones will be noted here: https://github.com/SimonPadbury/b4st/releases/

b4st Wiki

This is the place to find some answers: https://github.com/SimonPadbury/b4st/wiki.

If you don't find what you want, please open an Issue.

If you want want to see something in b4st and you can do it yourself, please feel at liberty to add it as a Pull Request. But remember that this is only meant to be a starter theme – I don't want to add a load of stuff that most people will delete because they don't need it. There are other ways to expand the b4st project – e.g. via the wiki.

Meet b4st's younger brother, m1st (Materiallize CSS starter theme for WordPress)


Looking for something more powerful? Try Progenitor

Project: https://github.com/Progenitor-Theme/progenitor.

Progenitor started as b4st but it has been developed to become somemething totally different. Progenitor is intended as a parent theme with pluggable functions, and hooks everywhere:

  • Build hooks – so child themes can override or remove Progenitor components
  • Action hooks – so child themes can add more comonents
  • CSS class hooks – so child themes can change the Bootstrap classes used by Progenitor, and add more classes

Bootstrap 4. Font Awesome 5. WooCommerce ready. Multilingual support will be included -- please help by adding your language.

Start your Progenitor projects from the projenitor-child-starterhttps://github.com/Progenitor-Theme/progenitor-child-starter.

Looking for a website Style Guide starter, building upon Bootstrap 4? Try Atomic Boot Pug

Inspired by Brad Frost's Atomic Design, Atomic Boot Pug is comprised of a set of Bootstrap 4 docs demo snippets (tranformed into Pug mixins) reorganized into a starter styleguide.

Just a little something to help you kick off your next project. :-)