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#BST - A Bootstrap 3 Starter Theme, for WordPress

Version 2.7.1


If you are looking for a Bootatrap 4 starter theme, look at b4st:


BST is a simple WordPress starter theme loaded with Bootstrap 3.

This theme has been built for use as a starter theme and as a learning aid for people who wish to get into WordPress theme design.

##Features of BST

  • Simple, intuitive, clean code.
  • CSS, JS, functions and template parts are organized into different folders.
  • Bootstrap 3.3.5 - CSS and JS enqueued. You can simply swap the default Bootstrap 3 files (included) for a custom made Bootstrap 3, and this theme will still work.
  • jQuery enqueued (from WordPress).
  • A starter CSS theme - css/bst.css, enqueued. (Don't put your own styles in style.css.)
  • Visual editor stylesheet - into which the same Bootstrap 3 and starter CSS theme are preloaded by @import, so that what you see in the visual editor is (mostly!) what you get at the front end (WYSI(M!)WYG). E.g. you will see the theme's typpography in the WordPress Post/Page editor, but its width will not be the same as your article column width in the front end.
  • Two Wordpress menu positions in the Bootstrap navbar (in .navbar-left and .navbar-right).
  • Optional search form built into the navbar.
  • Bootstrap pagination ( e.g. 1 | 2 | 3 | Older ->) for Blog index and category pages.
  • MIT licence (open source).

###Do you require a starter child theme for BST?

Use this to start, to ensure that the child theme CSS is enqueued after the BST CSS:

###Looking for more features?


A Bootstrap 3 Starter Theme, for WordPress






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