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A bot that plays Starcraft2.
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SimonPrins Added support for building an executable version and a dotnet version…
… of Tyr from the same repo.

Also made Tyr backwards compatible with the StarCraft API data versions from before 4.9.3.
Latest commit b0f6469 Aug 10, 2019


This repository contains the bot Tyr.

Getting started


First you will have to install some things, if you haven't already.

  1. Download Starcraft 2
  2. Install Visual studio. In the installer, choose the .NET desktop development IDE.
  3. Go here and download the Season 3 map pack.
  4. Extract the maps to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Maps'. Make sure you have extracted the maps directly into the folder, if they aren't in exactly the right place the program will be unable to find them.

Running Tyr

To run Tyr, simply start Tyr.exe and it will start playing a game against itself. If you want to run it against other bots, you will need to install the ladder manager. You should them put the entire contents of Tyr/bin/Debug into the bot folder for Tyr, and follow the instructions provided with the ladder manager to set up a game.

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