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HXLDash. Create data visualisations quickly by leveraging the humanitarian exchange language
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A dashboarding tool to build quick visualisation utilising the power of the Humanitarian Exchange Lanaguage (HXL)


Built using Python 2.7

Install django

pip install django

Install database connector. For postgresql

pip install psycopg2

Install cookie banner

pip install django-cookie-law Full instructions for install here:

Change database settings in for your database

Create a copy of the template and rename as Change the database settings to connect to your database.

Example set up:

To run the test server

python runserver

HXL Proxy

The default version uses the public version of the HXL proxy hosted at Files used with HXL Proxy will have to be exposed to the web.

If you are installing a private instance of HXLDash you will also need a private instance of HXL Proxy ( accessible to HXLDash.

The following lines of code would have to changed for the new server address:

These is a issue to parameterise this into the settings file:

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