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SimpleGitVersion = CSemVer ♥ Git

CSemVer ( is an operational subset of Semantic Versioning ( that provides stronger and explicit definition of a version number.

SimpleGitVersion applies CSemVer to Git repositories. Tools can use it to ensure ensuring traceability and deployment reliability by:

  • Validating version tags on any commit (typically the HEAD) by analyzing the repository topology and applying CSemVer rules.
  • Computing automatic CSemVer-CI versions on CI branches.

The actual code is in SimpleGitVersion.Core package that depends on

  • CSemVer that implements SemVer and CSemVer versions (parsing and version manipulations).
  • LibGit2Sharp to read the local Git repositories.

SimpleGitVersion supports a few configurations (like defining which branches will produce CI-Build) thanks to an optional RepositoryInfo.xml file.

Only one tool is currently implemented and supported:

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