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Clevo Fan Control Indicator for Ubuntu

This program is an Ubuntu indicator to control the fan of Clevo laptops, using reversed-engineering port information from ECView.

It shows the CPU temperature on the left and the GPU temperature on the right, and a menu for manual control.

Clevo Indicator Screen

For command-line, use -h to display help, or a number representing percentage of fan duty to control the fan (from 40% to 100%).

Build and Install

sudo apt-get install libappindicator3-dev libgtk-3-dev
git clone https://github.com/SkyLandTW/clevo-indicator.git
cd clevo-indicator
make install


The executable has setuid flag on, but must be run by the current desktop user, because only the desktop user is allowed to display a desktop indicator in Ubuntu, while a non-root user is not allowed to control Clevo EC by low-level IO ports. The setuid=root creates a special situation in which this program can fork itself and run under two users (one for desktop/indicator and the other for EC control), so you could see two processes in ps, and killing either one of them would immediately terminate the other.

Be careful not to use any other program accessing the EC by low-level IO syscalls (inb/outb) at the same time - I don't know what might happen, since every EC actions require multiple commands to be issued in correct sequence and there is no kernel-level protection to ensure each action must be completed before other actions can be performed... The program also attempts to prevent abortion while issuing commands by catching all termination signals except SIGKILL - don't kill the indicator by "kill -9" unless absolutely necessary.