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Unofficial Python SDK written for Zomato API
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Zomato SDK


Using pip:

pip install zomato-sdk

This is an unofficial SDK for Zomato.

Usage is as simple as it gets:

from zomato import Zomato
z = Zomato("YOUR-API-KEY")

Now there are three objects presented namely, common, location and restaurant as listed at Developers

common = z.common
location = z.location
restaurant =

Now Each object has different methods as listed in documentation section of Zomato API, namely

  • Common
    • get_categories
    • get_cities
    • get_collections
    • get_cuisines
    • get_establishments
    • get_geocode
  • Location
    • get_location_details
    • get_locations
  • Restaurant
    • get_daily_menu
    • get_restaurant
    • get_reviews
    • search

All of them takes parameters as listed in Documentation section of Zomato API : (except the user-key which is initialized as headers)

The best thing about it is that everything is modular, and connected to each other, letting you do things like:

city = z.common.get_cities()[0]

Tests are written to give an idea on how the API works, do check them to get a clear understanding on how to use the sdk.

Documentation about each class explicitly will be released by this week.

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