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Sparkling Android Web Browser

example workflow


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The best way to contribute is to actually use Fulguris. There is no beta test program yet. However releases tend to be published more often on and it is easy to switch back to an earlier version if needed. Please report issues on GitHub.


Give us on Google Play.
If you don't think it is worth five stars yet then just open an issue instead.


You can engage with us on our forums, on GitHub, on Discord or any other social media you can track us down to.


Please go ahead and translate on CrowdIn.


Code contributions are of course welcome, both bug fix and features. Please understand that code quality, design and architecture are extremely important as the foremost priority of this project is to deliver a premium browsing experience. We do our best to avoid treating users as beta testers. Therefore if you want to deliver a new feature expect it to take several iterations before it reaches maturity and is ready for production.


Please consider sponsoring us on GitHub or through in-apps on Google Play. The ability of this project to finance itself is what will ultimately determine its long term success.


🌍 Address bar
🚦Vertical tab panel
🚥Horizontal tab bar
Tabs management
🏞Screen orientations
🌗Force dark mode
🎨Themes for app and pages
Ad blocker
🔒Privacy – Incognito mode
🔎Search & suggestions – Google, Bing, Yahoo, StartPage, DuckDuckGo…
Keyboard support
Hardware accelerated
🖥️ Desktop rendering
🖥️ Android desktop support – Samsung Dex, EMUI Desktop
🌐 Languages
🔧Settings – lots
📶 Orbot Proxy support and I2P support – Beta


Automatically granted

  • INTERNET: necessary to access the internet.
  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: used by the browser to stop loading resources when network access is lost.
  • INSTALL_SHORTCUT: used to add shortcuts with the "Add to home screen" option.

Requested only when needed

  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: needed to download files and export bookmarks.
  • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: needed to download files and import bookmarks.
  • ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: needed for sites like Google Maps, requires "Location access" option to be enabled (default disabled).
  • RECORD_AUDIO: needed to support WebRTC, requires "WebRTC Support" option to be enabled (default disabled).
  • CAMERA: needed to support WebRTC, requires "WebRTC Support" option to be enabled (default disabled).
  • MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS: needed to support WebRTC, requires "WebRTC Support" option to be enabled (default disabled).