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Hexapod v2 using Linkit 7697
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中文版本請看 這裡

Hexapod v2 using Linkit 7697

This is a Hexapod project.

You can use any mobile phone (iOS or Android) to control the movement of hexapod (move foreward, backward, etc...).

See demo video: & to get the idea.

More videos can be found at

Brief introduction

  • Remote control is done via BLE of Linkit 7697
  • It has 6 legs, each leg has 3 joint. So there are total 18 Servo motors (TowerPro MG92B)
  • Linkt 7697 dont have so many PWM control, so NXP PCA9685 x 2 are used to control these servo motors
  • Power comes from a 2S Lipo battery (7.4v). Also 7 x mini360 DC-DC step down voltage regulator are used. One to provide 5V to Linkit 7697, The other six to provide 6V to each legs (1 mini360 serve 3 servo)
  • The body is 3D printed PLA. I use Prusa i3 MK2S, a really good 3D printer.
  • Everything (3D STL, PCB schematic, 7697 source code) are included in the project under GPL license, Happy making!

Skill requirement

If you want to make one hexapod by yourself. You should at least knows how to:

  • Mechanism part
    • Use 3D printer to print a model.
    • Able to adjust 3D model to fit your custom need.
  • Electronics
    • Make a PCB (suggest to use professional PCB services)
    • Soldering SMD component (0805 and TSSOP28)
    • How to use/charge/store LIPO batteries
  • Software
    • Use Linkit 7697 (ie. upload and run any program)
    • Use LRemote to communicate 7697 and your mobile phone

Table of Content

  1. Mechanism - How to build the body
  2. Electronics - Circuit explanition
  3. Software - The software running on Linkit 7697
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