OpenDJ installation used with OpenAM and Single Sign-On
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NOTE: When deploying this component, edit the following perl script for the link URLs in the email content found on lines 729, 731, and 1261.

Welcome to the OpenDJ Project


This repository contains ForgeRock OpenDJ source code and any scripts necessary to create an OpenDJ identity repository for the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) / SmarterApp system..


The code is released under the CDDL1.0 license.


Community support for the ForgeRock OpenDJ server may be found here: ForgeRock - OpenDJ. Please direct all questions and/or comments to Bill Nelson at

Content Overview

Files in the repository include the following:

  • SBAC_SSO_Design-v1.10-03282014.pdf - SBAC SSO Design Document
  • sbacInstaller - SBAC OpenDJ Installation Files
  • sbacOpenDJ-Installation-12312013.pdf - Installation instructions
  • - Bash script used to perform installation of OpenDJ server
  • artifacts - Artifacts used during the installation process
  • - Pre-built version of OpenDJ 2.6.0
  • - OpenDJ SBAC customizations (schema, configuration, etc.)
  • scripts - XML Processing Scripts Folder (used during active data processing)
  •  sampleData                       - Folder containing scripts/files for generating sample data
  •          - Bash script to perform mass deletion of users from the OpenDJ server
  •       - Perl script used to generate sample data for testing purposes 
  •   districts                       - Sample districts (used by 
  •   first.names                     - Sample first names (used by 
  •   last.names                      - Sample last names (used by 
  •   roles                           - Sample roles (used by 
  •   schools                         - Sample schools (used by 
  •   state                           - Sample states (used by
  •                - Perl script used to process XML data and load it into the OpenDJ server
  •            - Perl script used to monitor the upload folder for new files.  
  •  logs                             - log file(s) location; one log is generated per day
  •  sbacXMLFiles                     - location of XML files once they have been processed
  • - Bash script to configure replication between two OpenDJ servers
  • source - source code folder
  • 2.6.0 - OpenDJ 2.6.0 source code