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Magento 2 maps module
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ElasticSuite Map

It allows to add map on the website.

How to use

  1. Install the module via Composer :

composer require smile/module-map

  1. Enable it

bin/magento module:enable Smile_Map

  1. Install the module and rebuild the DI cache

bin/magento setup:upgrade

How to configure

Stores > Configuration > Services > Smile Map > Map Settings

Field Type
Provider Select (OpenStreetMap/Google Maps)
Google API Key Text
Ipstack API Key Text
Google API Libraries Text
Google Map Styles Text
Directions Url Text
Marker Icon Image
Disable zoom out when no results Select (Yes/No)
Enable Marker Cluster Select (Yes/No)

Stores > Configuration > Services > Smile Map > Address templates

Field Type
Text Text
Text One Line Text
PDF Text
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