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##Wrist Message

AT LAST! Type and send your own text messages on the Apple Watch with a compact keyboard – a beautifully simple solution!


  1. Select a Contact to open the keyboard in Wrist Message
  2. Type with the keyboard using text, emojis, numbers, or symbols
  3. Send the message and confirm final delivery


  • Use the globe key to access different keyboards
  • Double-click the shift key to enable caps lock
  • Force touch the Contacts screen to sync contacts
  • When finished, double-click the digital crown to return to Wrist Message


  • Contacts sync with the Apple Watch when Wrist Message opens
  • Keyboard provides haptic feedback
  • Sent messages automatically open in the Messages app for final confirmation
  • Wrist Message never tracks contacts or messages!

Good things come in small packages. Enjoy!

###A note to the reader

I submitted Wrist Message to the App Store in early March, but only to meet Apple’s official rejection. In Apple’s rejection letter, they claimed that Wrist Message “contributes to a lower quality user experience than Apple users expect.” I appealed, but Apple stuck to their decision, this time suggesting “it would be appropriate to remove the full keyboard from your Watch Extension app. Dictation and number pads are acceptable.”

Stunned, I arranged a phone call with a member of the App Store review board. Over phone, Apple confirmed that an Alphanumeric keyboard on the Apple Watch is unacceptable. Even further, they said that no letter input of any kind would be allowed. This means no buttons, pickers, sliders, images, etc. can involve choosing a letter.

I finally asked them if my idea for a text messaging keyboard on the Apple Watch was even possible. To no surprise, they said it wouldn’t be accepted under their current guidelines. But after looking over their guidelines, I found no mention at all of this imaginary keyboard restriction. When I first started developing Wrist Message, the absence of a restriction made sense to me as I had found many Apple Watch apps that use Alphanumeric input. Unfortunately, Wrist Message was a red flag for Apple, who after contacting me claims that they will adjust their documentation to make keyboard restrictions more clear.

For now, don’t expect to find an Apple Watch text messaging keyboard on the App Store. It is because of Apple’s unfair restrictions that I'm posting Wrist Message on GitHub. Feel free to Fork this project and donate using the button below.

Tyler Cheves



Type and send your own text messages on the Apple Watch with a compact keyboard



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